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PDFWAC 246-840-360

Renewal of ARNP licensure.

(1) An applicant applying for ARNP license renewal, shall have:
(a) An active Washington state RN license, without sanctions or restrictions;
(b) Current certification from a certifying body as identified in WAC 246-840-302;
(c) Thirty contact hours of continuing education obtained during the renewal period in each ARNP designation. An ARNP who has certification in more than one area of practice may count the continuing education hours for more than one certification when applicable to each area of practice; and
(d) At least two hundred fifty hours in advanced clinical practice for each ARNP designation within the two-year licensing renewal cycle. The two hundred fifty hours may include teaching advanced nursing practice only when the faculty member is providing patient care or serving as a preceptor in a clinical setting.
(2) An applicant for ARNP licensure renewal shall comply with the requirements of chapter 246-12 WAC, Part 2 and submit:
(a) The renewal license fee as specified in WAC 246-840-990;
(b) Evidence of current certification by the commission approved certifying body for each designation;
(c) A written declaration, on forms provided by the commission attesting to:
(i) Completion of thirty contact hours of continuing education during the renewal period for each ARNP designation; and
(ii) Completion of a minimum of two hundred fifty hours of advanced clinical practice for each designation in the ARNP role within the last two years.
(d) Evidence of completion of continuing education contact hours and advanced clinical practice hours when requested by the commission.
(3) An applicant for ARNP licensure renewal who does not meet advanced clinical practice requirements shall complete two hundred fifty hours of supervised advanced clinical practice for every two years the applicant may have been out of practice, not to exceed one thousand hours.
(4) An applicant for ARNP licensure renewal needing to complete supervised advanced clinical practice shall obtain an ARNP interim permit consistent with the requirements for supervised practice defined in WAC 246-840-340 (4) and (5).
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