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PDFWAC 246-840-300

ARNP scope of practice.

The scope of practice of a licensed ARNP is as provided in RCW 18.79.250 and this section.
(1) The ARNP is prepared and qualified to assume primary responsibility and accountability for the care of patients within their roles of ARNP licensure: Certified nurse practitioner (CNP), certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA), certified nurse midwife (CNM), and clinical nurse specialist (CNS).
(2) As a licensed independent practitioner, an ARNP provides a wide range of health care services including the diagnosis and management of acute, chronic, and complex health conditions, health promotion, disease prevention, health education, and counseling to individuals, families, groups, and communities. Performing within the scope of the ARNP's education, training, and experience, the licensed ARNP may perform the following:
(a) Examine patients and establish diagnoses by patient history, physical examination, and other methods of assessment;
(b) Admit, manage, and discharge patients to and from health care facilities;
(c) Order, collect, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests;
(d) Manage health care by identifying, developing, implementing, and evaluating a plan of care and treatment for patients;
(e) Prescribe therapies and medical equipment;
(f) Prescribe medications when granted prescriptive authority under this chapter;
(g) Refer patients to other health care practitioners, services, or facilities; and
(h) Perform procedures or provide care services that are within the ARNP's scope of practice according to a commission approved certifying body as defined in WAC  246-840-302.
(3) As leaders in health care, an ARNP may serve in a variety of capacities including, but not limited to, mentors, educators, coaches, advocates, researchers, interprofessional consultants, and administrators.
(4) ARNP practice is grounded in nursing process and incorporates the use of independent judgment. Practice includes interprofessional interaction with other health care professionals in the assessment and management of wellness and health conditions.
(5) Health care is a dynamic field requiring the scope of the ARNP to continually evolve. The ARNP is responsible for possessing a clear understanding of, and functioning within, the scope of practice of the role for which a license has been issued following the standards of care defined by the applicable certifying body as defined in WAC 246-840-302.
(6) An ARNP may choose to specialize and perform those acts for which the individual is qualified and has appropriate education and competence.
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