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PDFWAC 246-840-095

Temporary practice permits.

The Washington state board of nursing (board) conducts background checks on applicants to assure safe patient care. Completion of a fingerprint-based national background check may cause a delay in licensing.
(1) The board may issue a temporary practice permit to an applicant who holds an unrestricted, active license in another state which has substantially equivalent licensing standards to those in Washington. The applicant must not be subject to denial of a license or issuance of a conditional or restricted license.
(2) A temporary practice permit serves as a license to practice nursing during the time period specified on the permit.
(3) A temporary practice permit expires when:
(a) A license is granted;
(b) A notice of decision on application is mailed to the applicant, unless the notice of decision on application specifically extends the duration of the temporary practice permit; or
(c) Sixty days after the temporary practice permit is issued, or 180 days for military spouse applicants.
If, at the expiration of the original temporary practice permit, the department of health (department) has not received information from the fingerprint-based national background check, the board may renew the temporary practice permit for an additional 30 days.
(4) To receive a temporary practice permit, the applicant must:
(a) Submit to the board an application and the necessary application fee(s) for the license.
(b) Meet all other requirements and qualifications for the license, except for the results from a fingerprint-based national background check, if required.
(c) Provide to the board verification of holding an unrestricted nursing license from another state that has substantially equivalent licensing standards to those in Washington.
(5) The applicant shall initiate the fingerprint-based national background check process with the department within 30 days of applying to the board, or the permanent license application may be closed as incomplete. The temporary practice permit shall not be extended in accordance with subsection (3)(c) of this section unless the applicant's fingerprints have been received by the department and a fingerprint-based national background check is in process.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.79.010, 18.79.110, 18.79.160, 18.79.200, 18.340.020, 18.130.064, and 18.130.075. WSR 24-03-055, § 246-840-095, filed 1/11/24, effective 2/11/24. Statutory Authority: RCW 18.130.075 and 18.130.064. WSR 10-07-015, § 246-840-095, filed 3/5/10, effective 4/5/10; WSR 09-17-053, § 246-840-095, filed 8/13/09, effective 9/13/09.]
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