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PDFWAC 246-295-050

SMA plan content for ownership.

The SMA plan shall address the following elements at a minimum in a manner acceptable to the department. A department guideline titled Satellite Management Planning Handbook is available to assist the potential SMA in adequately addressing these elements:
(1) SMA ownership, including at a minimum:
(a) A statement of intent to own public water systems;
(b) Current organizational structure of the SMA, legal authority, mailing address, responsible party, and contact person;
(c) Identification of existing public water systems the applicant currently owns, and/or manages and operates. The identification shall include the number of connections in each system, the department identification number and the system location.
(d) Documentation showing that at least one staff person has, at a minimum, three years of water utility ownership and/or management experience.
(2) SMA service area information, including at a minimum:
(a) A map of the SMA service area;
(b) A general written description of the SMA service area; and
(c) Future service area agreement(s) of systems owned by SMA if applicable.
(3) Service area policies/conditions of service where applicable, including at a minimum:
(a) Annexation policies consistent with local comprehensive plans;
(b) Ownership versus management and operation decision criteria;
(c) Policies related to new and existing public water systems, including the method of determining financial feasibility of adding new or existing systems to the SMA;
(d) Ordinances, resolutions and agreements related to the provision of drinking water;
(e) Service request process overview flowchart, including time frames; and
(f) A list of available services.
(4) System design standards for new and existing systems;
(5) Financial viability, including at a minimum:
(a) A written description of available revenue sources;
(b) A budget; and
(c) General financial policies.
(6) Operation and maintenance program, including at a minimum:
(a) Documentation that at least one staff person will, at a minimum, be certified at a water distribution manager 2 level or above and meet any additional department required certified operator requirements;
(b) Overall SMA routine and preventive maintenance program, including an emergency response plan;
(c) A copy of model contract for operation and maintenance services, if applicable; and
(d) Two copies of all applicable operations contracts in effect.
(7) Documentation from affected counties that the SMA plan is consistent with their plans and policies;
(8) Documentation that all Group A systems owned by the potential SMA on the date of request have obtained their operating permit and are not classified in the red operating permit category pursuant to chapter 246-294 WAC. If Group B systems are also owned by the potential SMA, provide documentation that such systems are in compliance with chapter 246-291 WAC. A special provision pursuant to WAC 246-295-110 may be utilized in the determination of compliance.
(9) Current water system plan(s) or department approved plan development schedule, if applicable.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.116.134. WSR 94-18-108, ยง 246-295-050, filed 9/6/94, effective 10/7/94.]
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