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PDFWAC 246-25-110

Form of petition and request for informal opinion.

A petition, request for informal opinion, or request for adjudicatory proceeding shall adhere generally to the following form:
(1) At the top of the page shall appear the wording "before the Washington Health Services Commission." On the left side of the page, below the foregoing, the following caption shall be set out "In the Matter of (name of applicant)." Opposite the foregoing caption shall appear the words "petition," or "request for informal opinion," or, "request for adjudicatory proceeding," whichever is applicable.
(2) The materials required by WAC 245-02-115 through 245-02-125 shall be attached to the foregoing.
(3) The petition or request shall be signed and dated by the entity named in the first paragraph, or by its attorney. The original and five copies shall be filed with the commission as described in WAC 245-02-130.
(4) Information required by this chapter may be submitted in hard copy or in machine readable form:
(a) If hard copy, documents shall be submitted and organized by request;
(b) If in machine readable form, the data should comply with specifications acceptable to the commission and attorney general, which will be provided upon request.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.72.310. WSR 99-04-049, recodified as § 246-25-110, filed 1/28/99, effective 1/28/99; WSR 95-04-112, § 245-02-110, filed 2/1/95, effective 3/4/95.]
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