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PDFWAC 246-221-010

Occupational dose limits for adults.

(1) The licensee or registrant shall control the occupational dose to individual adults, except for planned special exposures pursuant to WAC 246-221-030, to the following dose limits:
(a) An annual limit, which is the more limiting of:
(i) The total effective dose equivalent being equal to 0.05 Sv (five rem); or
(ii) The sum of the deep dose equivalent and the committed dose equivalent to any individual organ or tissue other than the lens of the eye being equal to 0.50 Sv (50 rem).
(b) The annual limits to the lens of the eye, to the skin of the whole body, and to the skin of the extremities which are:
(i) A lens dose equivalent of 0.15 Sv (15 rem); and
(ii) A shallow dose equivalent of 0.50 Sv (50 rem) to the skin of the whole body or to the skin of any extremity.
(2) Doses received in excess of the annual limits, including doses received during accidents, emergencies, and planned special exposures, must be subtracted from the limits specified in WAC 246-221-030 for planned special exposures that the individual may receive during the current year and during the individual's lifetime.
(3) When the external exposure is determined by measurement with an external personal monitoring device, the deep-dose equivalent must be used in place of the effective dose equivalent, unless the effective dose equivalent is determined by a dosimetry method approved by the NRC or the department. The assigned deep-dose equivalent must be for the part of the body receiving the highest exposure. The assigned shallow dose equivalent shall be the dose averaged over the contiguous 10 square centimeters of skin receiving the highest exposure. The deep dose equivalent, lens dose equivalent, and shallow dose equivalent may be assessed from surveys or other radiation measurements for the purpose of demonstrating compliance with the occupational dose limits, if the individual monitoring device was not in the region of highest potential exposure, or the results of the individual monitoring are unavailable.
(4) Derived air concentration (DAC) and annual limit on intake (ALI) values are specified in WAC 246-221-290 and may be used to determine the individual's dose and to demonstrate compliance with the occupational dose limits.
(5) Notwithstanding the annual dose limits, the licensee shall limit the soluble uranium intake by an individual to 10 milligrams in a week in consideration of chemical toxicity.
(6) The licensee or registrant shall reduce the dose that an individual may be allowed to receive in the current year by the amount of occupational dose received while employed by any other person during the current year as determined in accordance with WAC 246-221-020.
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