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PDFWAC 246-16-220

Mandatory reporting—How and when to report.

(1) Reports are submitted to the department of health. The department will give the report to the appropriate disciplining authority for review, possible investigation, and further action.
(a) When a patient has been harmed, a report to the department is required. A report to one of the approved impaired practitioner or voluntary substance abuse programs is not a substitute for reporting to the department.
(b) When there is no patient harm, reports of inability to practice with reasonable skill and safety due to a mental or physical condition may be submitted to one of the approved impaired practitioner or voluntary substance abuse programs or to the department. Reports of unprofessional conduct are submitted to the department.
(c) Reports to a national practitioner data bank do not meet the requirement of this section.
(2) The report must include enough information to enable the disciplining authority to assess the report. If these details are known, the report should include:
(a) The name, address, and telephone number of the person making the report.
(b) The name, address, and telephone number(s) of the license holder being reported.
(c) Identification of any patient or client who was harmed or placed at risk.
(d) A brief description or summary of the facts that caused the report, including dates.
(e) If court action is involved, the name of the court, the date of filing, and the docket number.
(f) Any other information that helps explain the situation.
(3) Reports must be submitted no later than thirty calendar days after the reporting person has actual knowledge of the information that must be reported.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 18.130.070 and 18.130.060. WSR 08-08-066, § 246-16-220, filed 3/31/08, effective 5/1/08.]
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