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PDFWAC 246-100-021

Responsibilities and dutiesHealth care providers.

Every health care provider, as defined in chapter 246-100 WAC, shall:
(1) Provide adequate, culturally and linguistically appropriate, and understandable instruction in control measures designed to prevent the spread of disease to:
(a) Each patient with a communicable disease under their care; and
(b) Others as appropriate to prevent spread of disease.
(2) Cooperate with public health authorities during investigation of:
(a) Circumstances of a case or suspected case of a notifiable condition or other communicable disease; and
(b) An outbreak or suspected outbreak of illness.
(3) Comply with requirements in WAC 246-100-206, 246-100-211, and chapter 246-101 WAC.
(4) Use protocols established in the Control of Communicable Diseases Manual, 20th edition, published by the American Public Health Association, when treating wounds caused by animal bites. A copy of this publication is available for review at the department and at each local health jurisdiction.
(5) If conducting anonymous HIV testing do so consistent with the provisions of this chapter and, in accordance with chapter 246-101 WAC, report the identity of persons tested to the state or local public health officer if they have tested positive and received HIV health care or treatment services.
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