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PDFWAC 230-15-135

Wagering limits for nonhouse-banked card games.

Card room licensees must not exceed these wagering limits:
(1) Poker -
(a) There must be no more than five betting rounds in any one game; and
(b) There must be no more than four wagers in any betting round, for example, the initial wager plus three raises; and
(c) The maximum amount of a single wager must not exceed forty dollars; however, Class F and house-banked card game licensees may offer a single wager not to exceed three hundred dollars;
(2) Games based on achieving a specific number of points - Each point must not exceed five cents in value;
(3) Ante - No more than the maximum wager allowed for the first betting round for any game, except for Panguingue (Pan). The ante may, by house rule:
(a) Be made by one or more players, but the total ante may not exceed the maximum wager allowed for the first betting round; and
(b) Be used as part of a player's wager;
(4) Panguingue (Pan) - The maximum value of a chip must not exceed ten dollars. An ante must not exceed one chip. We prohibit doubling of conditions. Players going out may collect no more than two additional chips for going out from each participating player.
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