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PDFWAC 230-11-065

Raffle prizes.

(1) Organizations must own the prizes offered to winners before the date of the drawing. However, if the winner has an option to receive a cash prize instead of the merchandise, the organization may enter into a contract to purchase the merchandise prize after the winner chooses his or her option. The organization must have the funds to make the purchase on account before the date of the drawing.
(2) At the time and date of any raffle drawing, the organization must have on deposit an unencumbered amount of money that is equal to or greater than all cash prizes being offered in the raffle. The organization must have these funds deposited in the gambling receipts account, if required, or in a recognized Washington state depository authorized to receive funds. The organization must not reduce the balance of funds available from this account below the required amount before awarding the prize(s).
(3) Raffle prizes must:
(a) Be available at the time and place of the drawing; and
(b) If cash, be United States currency or an equivalent amount of negotiable instruments; and
(c) For licensees, not exceed $60,000 per prize or $400,000 in total raffle prizes in a license year, except as authorized in WAC 230-11-067.
(4) For enhanced raffles, a purchase contract is not necessary for smaller noncash prizes, but the bona fide charitable or nonprofit organization must be able to demonstrate that such a prize is available and sufficient funds are held in reserve in the event that the winner chooses a noncash prize.
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