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PDFWAC 222-12-040

*Alternate plans—Policy.

All forest practice operations must comply with both the act and the rules promulgated pursuant to the act, unless an alternate plan has been approved by the department.
(1) The alternate plan process can be used as a tool to deal with a variety of situations, including where the cumulative impacts of regulations disproportionately impact a landowner. In some instances an alternate plan may be used to make minor on-the-ground modifications, which result in significant operation efficiencies. The alternate plan process may be used to address circumstances where a landowner has an economically inaccessible unit. The alternate plan process may also be used to facilitate voluntary landscape, riparian or stream restoration. In all cases, the alternate planning process will result in a plan that provides protection to public resources at least equal in overall effectiveness as provided by the act and rules while seeking to minimize constraints to the management of the affected lands.
(2) The legislature has found in RCW 76.13.100(2) that small forest landowners should also have the option of alternate management plans or alternate harvest restrictions on smaller harvest units that may have a relatively low impact on aquatic resources. These alternate plans are intended to provide flexibility to small forest landowners that will still provide protection of riparian functions based on specific field conditions or stream conditions on the landowner's property.
(3) Alternate plans do not replace other rules that recognize different types of landowner plans. For examples, see WAC 222-08-160(3), 222-12-041, 222-16-080(6), 222-16-100(1), and 222-16-105.
(4) Landowners are encouraged to communicate with the departments of ecology, fish and wildlife, affected Indian tribes, the National Marine Fisheries Service, the United States Fish and Wildlife Service and other interested parties prior to submission of an application accompanied by an alternate plan.
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