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PDFWAC 204-24-040

Traction devices.

The following equipment items are approved by the state patrol for use as traction devices wherever traction devices are required by the department of transportation:
(1) Tire chains meeting the standards in WAC 204-24-020.
(2) Studded tires meeting the standards in WAC 204-24-030.
(3) Approved traction tires. An approved traction tire must have the following tread characteristics:
(a) A minimum of 4/32 inch tread, measured in the center portion of the tire at three locations equally spaced around the circumference of the tire.
(b) A relatively aggressive tread pattern designed primarily to provide additional starting, stopping, and driving traction on snow or ice. The tread must have ribs, lugs, blocks or buttons the edges of which are at an angle greater than thirty degrees to the tire circumferential centerline.
(c) On at least one side of the tread design, the shoulder lugs protrude at least 1/2-inch in a direction generally perpendicular to the direction of travel.
(d) Tires manufactured to meet these specifications must:
(i) Be permanently labeled on at least one sidewall with the words "mud and snow" or any contraction using the letters "M" and "S" (e.g. MS, M/S, M-S, M & S, etc.); or
(ii) Be permanently labeled on at least one side wall with the mountain/snowflake symbol.
(4) Alternative traction devices. Any alternative traction device approved under this chapter must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations concerning proper use of the product. The list of approved devices will be maintained on the patrol's website. Upon suspension or revocation of an approval for an alternative traction device, the device will be removed from the list of approved devices on the patrol's website.
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