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PDFWAC 204-24-030

Standards for studded tires.

Studded tires must meet the following specifications:
(1) Studs must be metal, tipped with tungsten carbide.
(2) Metal studs must be inserted only in a new tire or a newly-recapped tire which has molded in the tread the "pin-holes" into which metal studs are to be inserted. Studs must not be inserted in any new tire or newly-recapped tire after it has been driven on a vehicle.
(3) Metal studs may be installed only by the tire manufacturer, or by a tire dealer or tire jobber who shall install the metal studs in conformance with the manufacturer's specifications.
(4) When a tire is sold or offered for sale as a studded tire or when studs are installed in a new tire or a newly recapped tire, there must be a minimum of seventy metal studs evenly spaced around the tread of the tire.
(5) A tire must contain a minimum of fifty-six metal studs at all times in order to qualify as a "studded tire" or as an approved traction device.
(6) Metal studs must not be installed in any tire of a vehicle which has a gross vehicle weight of ten thousand pounds or over.
(7) School buses and fire department equipment tires are exempt from subsection (6) of this section.
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