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PDFWAC 200-210-010


For the purpose of these rules:
(1) "Boat" shall include any vehicle or device capable of being operated in the water;
(2) "Motorboat" shall include any vehicle, device, or boat which is in itself a self-propelled unit and whether or not machinery is the principal source of propulsion;
(3) "Operate" shall mean to navigate or otherwise use a boat or motorboat.
(4) "Public transportation vehicles" shall include any motor vehicle operated by the state, county, city, or other public agency.
[Statutory Authority: 2011 c 43. WSR 11-23-093, recodified as § 200-210-010, filed 11/17/11, effective 11/17/11. Statutory Authority: RCW 46.08.150. WSR 78-09-016 (Order 78-4), § 236-16-010, filed 8/8/78; § 1, filed 4/15/65.]
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