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PDFWAC 200-130-013


(1) "Agency" or "agencies" as used in this section means all Washington state agencies, boards, commissions, and all state institutions of higher education.
(2) "Development" means any man-made change to improved or unimproved real estate including, but not limited to: Buildings or other structures, mining, dredging, filling, grading, paving, excavation, or drilling operations.
(3) "Facility" means something built to serve a particular function other than a structure.
(4) "New construction," for flood plain management purposes, means structures for which the start of construction commenced on or after the effective date of this regulation, WAC 200-130-001 through 200-130-016.
(5) "Property" or "properties" refer to state-owned developments, structures, facilities, and/or the contents of the structure in which the state has an interest.
(6) "Risk manager" means the state risk manager , department of enterprise services, or his/her designee.
(7) "Special flood hazard areas" refers to areas subject to inundation by a flood having a one percent or greater probability of being equaled or exceeded during any given year. This flood, which is referred to as the one hundred-year flood or the base flood, is the national standard on which the flood plain management and insurance requirements of the National Flood Insurance Program are based. Special flood hazard areas and one hundred-year flood plains are identified on flood insurance rate maps developed and issued by the Federal Emergency Management Agency.
(8) "Structure" means a walled and roofed building, including any gas or liquid storage tank, which is principally above ground and affixed to a permanent site.
(9) "Substantial improvement" means any repair, reconstruction, or improvement of a structure, the cost of which equals or exceeds fifty percent of the fair market value of the structure either:
(a) Before the improvement or repair is started; or
(b) If the structure has been damaged and is being restored, before the damage occurred.
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