Chapter 200-100 WAC

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WAC Sections

200-100-010Preamble and authority.
200-100-02001Standards for operation and management—Rules for individual self-insurance program.
200-100-02003Standards for operation and management—Rules for joint self-insurance programs.
200-100-02005Standards for operation—Membership.
200-100-02007Standards for operation—Providing services to nonmembers.
200-100-02009Standards for operation—Communication with members—Annual membership report.
200-100-02011Standards for operations—Meetings.
200-100-02013Standards for operation—Notice of regular meetings of the governing body.
200-100-02015Standards for operation—Special meetings—Notice to members.
200-100-02017Standards for operations—Meeting agendas—Meeting minutes.
200-100-02019Standards for operation—Notification of changes to bylaws or interlocal agreement.
200-100-02021Standards for operation—Changes to interlocal agreement.
200-100-02023Standards for operation—Elections of the governing body.
200-100-03001Standards for solvency—Actuarially determined liabilities, program funding and liquidity requirements.
200-100-033Standards for management and operations—Individual rate setting—Nondiscrimination in joint program assessments.
200-100-034Standards for operations—Disclosures.
200-100-036Standards for operations—Standards for solvency—Termination provisions.
200-100-037Standards for management and operations—Financial plans.
200-100-038Standards for management—Standards for contracts—Third-party administrator contracts.
200-100-050Standards for claims management—Claims administration.
200-100-060Standards for management and operations—State risk manager reports.
200-100-065Standards for operations—Program changes—Notification to the state risk manager.
200-100-080Standards for management and operations—Conflict of interest.
200-100-100Standards for operations—State risk manager—Expense and operating cost fees.
200-100-190Standards for operation—Multistate operations.
200-100-200Standards for operations—Appeals of fees.
200-100-210Standards for operations—Appeals of cease and desist orders.
200-100-215Standards for contracts—Competitive solicitation standards for consultant contracts.
200-100-220Standards for contracts—Standards for operation—Purchases of goods and services not related to claims.
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