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PDFWAC 197-11-908

Critical areas.

(1) Each county/city may select certain categorical exemptions that do not apply in one or more critical areas designated in a critical areas ordinance adopted under GMA (RCW 36.70A.060). The selection of exemptions that will not apply may be made from the following subsections of WAC 197-11-800: (1), (2)(a) through (h), (3), (5), (6)(a), (13)(c), (23)(a) through (g), and (24)(c), (e), (g), (h).
The scope of environmental review of actions within these areas shall be limited to:
(a) Documenting whether the proposal is consistent with the requirements of the critical areas ordinance; and
(b) Evaluating potentially significant impacts on the critical area resources not adequately addressed by GMA planning documents and development regulations, if any, including any additional mitigation measures needed to protect the critical areas in order to achieve consistency with SEPA and other applicable environmental review laws.
All other categorical exemptions apply whether or not the proposal will be located within a critical area. Exemptions selected by an agency under this section shall be listed in the agency's SEPA procedures (WAC 197-11-906).
(2) Proposals that will be located within critical areas are to be treated no differently than other proposals under this chapter, except as stated in the prior subsection. A threshold determination shall be made for all such actions, and an EIS shall not be automatically required for a proposal merely because it is proposed for location in a critical area.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21A.090, chapter 43.21C RCW, RCW 43.21C.035, 43.21C.037, 43.21C.038, 43.21C.0381, 43.21C.0382, 43.21C.0383, 43.21C.110, 43.21C.222. WSR 03-16-067 (Order 02-12), § 197-11-908, filed 8/1/03, effective 9/1/03. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21C.110. WSR 95-07-023 (Order 94-22), § 197-11-908, filed 3/6/95, effective 4/6/95; WSR 84-05-020 (Order DE 83-39), § 197-11-908, filed 2/10/84, effective 4/4/84.]
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