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PDFWAC 194-37-050

Documentation and timelines.

(1) Each utility must maintain all records necessary to document its compliance with the Energy Independence Act, as described in this chapter. All current and historical reports required by this chapter shall be available to a utility's customers and may be provided in conjunction with the utility's requirements under RCW 19.29A.050.
(2) Each utility that is not under the jurisdiction of the Washington state auditor must be audited for compliance with the Energy Independence Act by an independent auditor at least every twenty-four months and must submit a copy of the audit report to the department.
(3) A consumer-owned utility that becomes subject to this chapter and chapter 19.285 RCW after December 31, 2006, pursuant to RCW 19.285.040(3), must notify the department of its status as a qualifying utility by June 1st of the year after it becomes a qualifying utility and must submit the reports required by WAC 194-37-060 and 194-37-110 starting five years after the notice to the department is due. For the purposes of this requirement, the utility must rely on the number of customers reported by the utility in Form EIA - 861, "Annual Electric Power Industry Report," filed with the Energy Information Administration, United States Department of Energy.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.285.080. WSR 15-07-002, § 194-37-050, filed 3/6/15, effective 4/6/15; WSR 14-04-015, § 194-37-050, filed 1/24/14, effective 2/24/14. Statutory Authority: RCW 19.285.080(2). WSR 08-07-079, § 194-37-050, filed 3/18/08, effective 4/18/08.]
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