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PDFWAC 192-150-060

Leaving work because of disabilityNotice to employerRCW 50.20.050 (2)(b)(ii).

(1) If you leave work because of a disability you must notify your employer about your disabling condition before the date you leave work or begin a leave of absence. Notice to the employer shall include any known restrictions on the type or hours of work you may perform.
(2) Any restrictions on the type or hours of work you may perform must be supported by a physician's statement or by the terms of a collective bargaining agreement or individual hiring contract.
(3) Nothing in unemployment insurance law requires your employer to offer you alternative suitable work when you have a disability, or modify your duties so that you can perform your current job. However, any offer from your employer of other suitable work must be made prior to the date you leave work or begin a leave of absence. You are not required to request alternative work from your employer to be found available for work.
(4) If your employer offers you alternative work or otherwise offers to accommodate your disability, you must demonstrate good cause to refuse the offer. This may include, but is not limited to, information from your physician that the accommodation offered by your employer was inadequate to reasonably accommodate your medical condition, or information demonstrating that the alternative work offered you by your employer was not suitable.
(5) If you refuse an offer of work from any employer after your job separation or after beginning a leave of absence, the department will determine whether you refused an offer of suitable work as provided in RCW 50.20.080.
(6) If you are on a leave of absence due to your disability, you must promptly request reemployment from your employer when you are again able to return to work.
(7) This section also applies to individuals on a leave of absence because of a pregnancy-related disability.
(8) In addition to the requirements of this section you are not eligible for unemployment benefits unless you terminate your employment and are not entitled to be reinstated to the same or similar position.
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