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PDFWAC 183-05-050

Requests for public records.

Chapter 42.56 RCW requires the commission to prevent invasions of privacy, protect public records from damage or disorganization, and prevent excessive interference with essential functions and unreasonable disruptions of operations. Accordingly, the public may inspect, copy, or obtain copies of public records upon compliance with the following procedures:
(1) A member of the public who seeks a public record shall make a written request. No particular form of writing is required so long as the request complies with WAC 183-05-020 and contains the following additional information:
(a) The name, mailing address, and telephone number of the person requesting the record.
(b) The calendar date on which the request is made.
(c) Identification of the record requested with sufficient particularity that the commission can identify the requested record and make it available. Such identifying information might include the title, subject matter, and date of the record.
(d) A signed statement that the records will not be used for commercial purposes if a list of individuals is being requested, or for any other use prohibited by law.
(2) To facilitate processing the request, the person requesting the record may also include:
(a) Either a fax number or an email address, or both.
(b) A reference to the record as it is described in the current public record index maintained by the commission.
(3) The public may make written public records requests to the commission by mail, fax, or email in accordance with WAC 183-05-020. Members of the public making public records requests in person who have not reduced their request to writing shall be asked to complete a short form with the needed information. The purpose of requiring written requests is to assist the commission in tracking, managing, and responding to requests in a timely and orderly fashion.
(4) The commission shall assist persons making public records requests to appropriately identify the public records being sought. The commission may ask the requesting party to clarify what information is being sought.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.03.300 through [43.03].310. WSR 09-12-077, ยง 183-05-050, filed 6/1/09, effective 7/2/09.]
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