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PDFWAC 182-537-0200


The following definitions and those found in chapter 182-500 WAC apply to this chapter:
"Agency" - See WAC 182-500-0010.
"Assessment" - For the purposes of this chapter, an assessment is made-up of medically necessary tests given to an individual child by a licensed health care provider to evaluate whether a child with a disability is in need of early intervention services or special education and related services. Assessments are a part of the individualized education program (IEP) and individualized family service plan (IFSP) evaluation and reevaluation processes.
"Charter school" - A public school governed by a charter school board and operated according to the terms of the charter school contract. Charter schools are open to all students, do not charge tuition, and do not have special entrance requirements.
"Child with a disability" - For purposes of this chapter, a child with a disability is a child evaluated and determined to need early intervention services or special education and related services because of a disability in one or more of the following eligibility categories:
• Autism;
• Deaf-blindness;
• Developmental delay for children ages three through nine, with an adverse educational impact, the results of which require special education and related direct services;
• Hearing loss (including deafness);
• Intellectual disability;
• Multiple disabilities;
• Orthopedic impairment;
• Other health impairment;
• Serious emotional disturbance (emotional behavioral disturbance);
• Specific learning disability;
• Speech or language impairment;
• Traumatic brain injury; and
• Visual impairment (including blindness).
"Core provider agreement" – See WAC 182-500-0020.
"Early intervention services" - Means developmental services provided to children ages birth through two. For the purposes of this chapter, early intervention services include:
• Audiology services;
• Health services;
• Nursing services;
• Occupational therapy;
• Physical therapy;
• Psychological services; and
• Speech-language pathology.
"Educational service district" - A regional agency which provides cooperative and informal services to local school districts within defined regions of the state.
"Electronic signature" - See WAC 182-500-0030.
"Evaluation" - Procedures used to determine whether a child has a disability, and the nature and extent of the early intervention or special education and related services needed. (See WAC 392-172A-01070 and 34 C.F.R. Sec. 303.321.)
"Fee-for-service" - See WAC 182-500-0035.
"Handwritten signature" - A scripted name or legal mark of an individual on a document to signify knowledge, approval, acceptance, or responsibility of the document.
"Health care-related services" - For the purposes of this chapter, means developmental, corrective, and other supportive services required to assist a student ages three through twenty eligible for special education and include:
• Audiology;
• Counseling;
• School health services and school nurse services;
• Occupational therapy;
• Physical therapy;
• Psychological assessments and services; and
• Speech-language therapy.
"Individualized education program (IEP)" - A written educational program for a child who is age three through twenty-one and eligible for special education. An IEP is developed, reviewed and revised according to WAC 392-172A-03090 through 392-172A-03115.
"Individualized family service plan (IFSP)" - A plan for providing early intervention services to a child birth through age two, with a disability or developmental delay and the child's family. The IFSP:
• Is based on the evaluation and assessment described in 34 C.F.R. Sec. 303.321;
• Includes the content specified in 34 C.F.R. Sec. 303.344; and
• Is developed under the IFSP procedures in 34 C.F.R. Secs. 303.342, 303.343, and 303.345.
"Medically necessary" - See WAC 182-500-0070.
"National provider identifier (NPI)" - See WAC 182-500-0075.
"Reevaluation" - Procedures used to determine whether a child continues to need early intervention services or special education and related services. (See WAC 392-172A-03015 and 34 C.F.R. Secs. 303.342 and 303.343.)
"Related services" – See WAC 392-172A-01155.
"School-based health care services contract" - A contract that describes and defines the relationship between the agency, the school-based health care services program, and the school district, ESD, charter, or tribal school.
"School-based health care services program" or "SBHS" - Is an agency-administered program that pays contracted school districts, educational service districts (ESDs), charter schools, and tribal schools for providing early intervention services or special education health-related services to children ages birth through twenty who have an IEP or IFSP.
"School district" - A group of schools administered by a particular authority within defined geographical division.
"Signature log" - A typed list that verifies a licensed provider's identity by associating each provider's signature with their name, handwritten initials, credentials, license and national provider identifier (NPI).
"Special education" - See WAC 392-172A-01175.
"Supervision" - Means supervision provided by a licensed health care provider either directly or indirectly to assist the supervisee in the administration of early intervention or health care-related services outlined in the IEP or IFSP.
"Telemedicine" - See WAC 182-501-0300.
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