Chapter 182-08 WAC

Last Update: 8/20/19


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182-08-010Declaration of purpose.
182-08-120Employer contribution for the public employees benefits board (PEBB) benefits.
182-08-180Premium payments and premium refunds.
182-08-185What are the requirements regarding premium surcharges?
182-08-187How do employing agencies and contracted vendors correct enrollment errors and is there a limit on retroactive enrollment?
182-08-190The employer contribution is set by the health care authority (HCA) and paid to the HCA for all eligible employees.
182-08-191Subscriber address requirements.
182-08-196What happens if my health plan becomes unavailable due to a change in contracted service area or eligibility for medicare?
182-08-197When must a newly eligible employee, or an employee who regains eligibility for the employer contribution, elect public employees benefits board (PEBB) benefits and complete required forms?
182-08-198When may a subscriber change health plans?
182-08-199When may an employee enroll, or revoke an election and make a new election under the premium payment plan, medical flexible spending arrangement (FSA), or dependent care assistance program (DCAP)?
182-08-200Which employing agency is responsible to pay the employer contribution for eligible employees changing agency employment or for faculty employed by more than one institution of higher education?
182-08-220Advertising or promotion of public employees benefits board (PEBB) benefit plans.
182-08-235Employer group application process.
182-08-237May a local government entity or tribal government entity applying for participation in public employees benefits board (PEBB) insurance coverage include their retirees?
182-08-240How will the health care authority (HCA) decide to approve or deny a group application?
182-08-245Employer group participation requirements.
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