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PDFWAC 180-16-200

Total instructional hour requirement.

(1) Kindergarten total instructional hour requirement - An annual minimum one thousand instructional hours according to an implementation schedule under RCW 28A.150.315.
(2) Grades 1-12 total instructional hour requirement - District-wide annual average of at least:
(a) A district-wide average of one thousand eighty instructional hours for students enrolled in grades nine through twelve and a district-wide annual average of one thousand instructional hours in grades one through eight; or
(b) A district-wide annual average of one thousand twenty-seven instructional hours in grades one through twelve.
(3) For nonhigh school districts, a district-wide annual average of one thousand instructional hours in such grades as are offered by the district.
(4) Instructional hours are defined in RCW 28A.150.205.
(a) Instructional hours are delivered "in-person," as defined in RCW 28A.232.010 (1)(b), except as provided in RCW 28A.232.010 (4)(b).
(b) School districts may deliver instructional hours through learning modalities other than in-person instruction which may include, but are not limited to, distance learning, hybrid classrooms, rotating schedules, or other methods that allow for delivery of basic education services under the following:
(i) Funding allocation models established by the legislature or the superintendent of public instruction in chapter 392-121 WAC, chapters 28A.232 and 28A.250 RCW that allow for modalities other than in-person instruction;
(ii) Districts may provide the opportunity for individual students to engage in the program of basic education through modalities other than in-person instruction if so agreed upon by the district and the student due to health or safety needs of the student;
(iii) During implementation of the school district's continuity of operations plan under WAC 180-16-212; and
(iv) Under any other applicable law that would allow for modalities other than in-person instruction to be delivered.
(5) Nothing in this section supersedes other applicable law.
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