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PDFWAC 173-563-080

Overriding considerations.

Future authorizations for the use of water which would conflict with the provisions of this chapter shall be authorized by the director only in those situations when it is clear that overriding considerations of the public interest will be served. Such decisions shall be made in consultation with the directors of the Washington state department of fisheries, the Washington state department of wildlife, the Washington state department of agriculture, and the Washington state commissioner of public lands.
Consideration of the public interest by the director of the department of ecology shall include an evaluation of all uses of the river and its impact on the state of Washington. The uses to be considered include, but are not limited to, uses of water for domestic, stockwatering, industrial, commercial, agricultural, irrigation, hydroelectric power production, mining, fish and wildlife maintenance and enhancement, recreational, thermal power production, and preservation of environmental and aesthetic values and all other uses compatible with the enjoyment of the public waters of the state.
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