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PDFWAC 173-517-010

Purpose and introduction.

(1) The purpose of this chapter is to retain rivers, streams, lakes and ponds in the Quilcene-Snow water resource inventory area (WRIA 17) with instream flows and levels necessary to protect and preserve wildlife, fish, stock water, scenic, aesthetic, recreation, water quality and other environmental values and navigational values.
(2) WRIA 17 is located on the northeastern Olympic Peninsula and includes portions of Jefferson and Clallam counties. This chapter excludes part of the Clallam County portion of WRIA 17.
(3) This chapter sets forth the department of ecology's (ecology) policies to guide the protection, use and management of WRIA 17 surface water and groundwater resources. It establishes instream flows and closures, and sets forth a program for the administration of future water appropriation and use. For the Chimacum subbasin, where water availability is severely limited, a small amount of water is reserved for restricted out of stream use to provide a transition until alternative sources of water can be developed.
(4) This chapter designates two types of management areas for administering future water appropriation and use:
(a) Reserve management areas. This chapter establishes reserves of water within specified reserve management areas.
(b) Coastal management areas. This chapter designates coastal management areas.
(5) This chapter does not release anyone from complying with other relevant laws and rules.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 90.54, 90.22, 90.82, 90.03, and 90.44 RCW. WSR 09-24-080 (Order 04-02), ยง 173-517-010, filed 11/30/09, effective 12/31/09.]
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