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PDFWAC 173-500-020


The purpose of this chapter is to set forth a program which will provide guidelines to facilitate the further development of the water resources to the extent of their availability for further appropriation and implement the legislative intent as contained in RCW 90.54.040(1). The program shall, where appropriate:
(1) Identify and foster development of water resource projects;
(2) Declare preferences or priorities of use by categories;
(3) Set forth streams closed to future appropriation;
(4) Establish flows on perennial streams of the state in amounts necessary to provide for preservation of wildlife, fish, scenic, aesthetic, and other environmental values, and navigational values;
(5) Allocate quantities for beneficial uses;
(6) Reserve water for future beneficial use;
(7) Withdraw waters from additional appropriation when sufficient information or data are lacking for the making of sound decisions;
(8) Establish criteria for limit beyond which further appropriation will not be made;
(9) Designate areas within the state to be used for management purposes; and
(10) Be guided by the declaration of fundamentals contained in RCW 90.54.020.
[Order DE 75-23, ยง 173-500-020, filed 1/6/76.]
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