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PDFWAC 173-455-050

Carbon dioxide mitigation program fees.

(1) Statutory authorization. RCW 70.94.892 authorizes ecology to determine, assess, and collect fees sufficient to cover costs to review and approve or deny the carbon dioxide mitigation plan components of an order of approval for a facility. The order of approval must specify the costs necessary to monitor the source's conformance to the carbon dioxide mitigation plan.
(2) Fees. The table in this subsection lists the fees for the carbon dioxide mitigation program. These fees are added to the fees established in WAC 173-455-120, when the carbon dioxide mitigation plan requirements are triggered.
a. Application review
$95.00/hr.1 not to exceed $500.00
b. Mitigation plan approval
i. Payment to third party
ii. Purchase of CO2 credits
iii. Direct investment
c. Routine compliance monitoring
i. Payment to third party
annually until full amount paid
ii. Purchase of CO2 credits
iii. Applicant controlled project
Estimated using an EE3 per hour rate with a cap.
Small fee primarily to check math and that the source is using an EFSEC approved qualified organization.
Estimated EE3 per hour rate to check that the credits purchased will be verifiable and from a reputable trading or marketing organization.
Estimated using an EE3 per hour rate.
Same as rationale for 2 above.
Verify and confirm credits with the trading or marketing organization.
(3) The department or authority may use RCW 70.94.085 to structure a cost-reimbursement agreement with the applicant.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.94 RCW, RCW 70.94.151, 70.94.153, and 70.94.892. WSR 18-22-006 (Order 16-09), § 173-455-050, filed 10/25/18, effective 11/25/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.94.181, [70.94.]152, [70.94.]331, [70.94.]650, [70.94.]745, [70.94.]892. WSR 07-11-018 (Order 06-14), § 173-455-050, filed 5/3/07, effective 6/3/07.]
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