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WAC 173-303-201

Special accumulation standards.

(1) This section applies to persons who generate more than 220 pounds but less than 2200 pounds per calendar month and do not accumulate on-site more than 2200 pounds of dangerous waste. The special provisions of this section do not apply to acutely hazardous wastes or Toxic EHW (WT01) that exceed the QEL that are being generated or accumulated by the generator.
(2) For purposes of accumulating dangerous waste on-site, persons who generate no more than 2200 pounds per month or who accumulate on-site no more than 2200 pounds of dangerous waste at any one time are subject to all applicable provisions of WAC 173-303-200 except as follows:
(a) In lieu of the ninety-day accumulation period, dangerous wastes may be accumulated for one hundred eighty days or less. The department may, on a case-by-case basis, grant a maximum ninety-day extension to this one hundred eighty-day period if the generator must transport his waste, or offer his waste for transportation, over a distance of two hundred miles or more for offsite treatment, storage, or disposal, and the dangerous wastes must remain on-site due to unforeseen, temporary and uncontrollable circumstances;
(b) The generator need not comply with WAC 173-303-330 (Personnel training);
(c) In lieu of the contingency plan and emergency procedures required by WAC 173-303-350 and 173-303-360, the generator must comply with the following:
(i) At all times there must be at least one employee either on the premises or on call (i.e., available to respond to an emergency by reaching the facility within a short period of time) with the responsibility for coordinating all emergency response measures specified in (c)(iv) of this subsection. This employee is the emergency coordinator.
(ii) The generator must post the following information next to all emergency communication devices (including telephones, two-way radios, etc.):
(A) The name and telephone number of the emergency coordinator;
(B) Location of fire extinguishers and spill control material, and, if present, fire alarm; and
(C) The telephone number of the fire department, unless the facility has a direct alarm.
(iii) The generator must ensure that all employees are thoroughly familiar with proper waste handling and emergency procedures, relevant to their responsibilities during normal facility operations and emergencies;
(iv) The emergency coordinator or his designee must respond to any emergencies that arise. The applicable responses are as follows:
(A) In the event of a fire, call the fire department or attempt to extinguish it using a fire extinguisher;
(B) In the event of a spill, contain the flow of dangerous waste to the extent possible, and as soon as is practicable, clean up the dangerous waste and any contaminated materials or soil;
(C) In the event of a fire, explosion, or other release which could threaten human health outside the facility or when the generator has knowledge that a spill has reached waters of the state, the generator must immediately notify the department and either the government official designated as the on-scene coordinator, or the National Response Center (using their twenty-four hour toll free number 800/424-8802). The report must include the following information:
(I) The name, address, and EPA/state identification number of the generator;
(II) Date, time, and type of incident (e.g., spill or fire);
(III) Quantity and type of hazardous waste involved in the incident;
(IV) Extent of injuries, if any; and
(V) Estimated quantity and disposition of recovered materials, if any;
(d) For waste that is placed in tanks, generators must comply with WAC 173-303-202 in lieu of WAC 173-303-200 (1)(b);
(e) The generator does not need to comply with 40 C.F.R. Part 265.176 and 40 C.F.R. Subparts AA, BB, and CC, which have been incorporated by reference at WAC 173-303-400 (3)(a).
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