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PDFWAC 173-160-321

How do I test a well?

(1) Well authorized by appropriation permit - Before being put to use, each well shall be test pumped for yield and draw down. Reports of the test pumping shall be submitted as required in chapter 90.44 RCW. The driller shall be familiar with and meet all testing procedures outlined in the water right permit. The well shall be test pumped at rates equal to, or greater than, are expected from the well during its normal usage. The test pump for public water supply wells shall be operated continuously for a minimum of four hours, or longer if required by the department of health. The yield and draw down shall be determined following at least four hours of constant rate pumping. Periodic water level observation should be made during draw down and subsequent recovery periods. Periods of observation shall be more frequent during the onset of the draw down and may decrease in frequency as the draw down or recovery proceeds. A bailer test is not an acceptable substitute for testing wells under permit or for public water supply wells.
(2) Wells not requiring appropriation permit - Testing of a well that does not require an appropriation permit shall be conducted at a constant rate for a period of at least one hour or longer if required by the department of health. Test pumping under this section can be either by bailer, air lift, or with a pump.
(3) Test data shall be reported to the department on the water well report by the operator at the time the report is submitted.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.104 RCW. WSR 06-23-121 (Order 06-08), § 173-160-321, filed 11/21/06, effective 12/22/06. Statutory Authority: Chapter 18.104 RCW and RCW 43.21A.080. WSR 98-08-032 (Order 97-08), § 173-160-321, filed 3/23/98, effective 4/23/98.]
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