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PDFWAC 16-750-022

Noxious weed list—Listing process.

The noxious weed list is adopted annually by the Washington state noxious weed control board. The listing process is open to the public, and there are several opportunities for participation. The process of considering changes to the list begins with the board's noxious weed committee. The weed listing process consists of the following steps each year:
(1) The board accepts proposals to make additions, deletions, or changes to the weed list between January and the end of April.
(2) Starting in May, the committee reviews and evaluates the proposals and may conduct additional research including literature reviews, surveys of counties, discussions with other states, and field investigations during its deliberations, which continue into September.
(3) The board considers the committee's recommendations in September and votes on which proposed changes to include in a public hearing, typically held in November.
(4) The board solicits public comment at the public hearing and makes its final decisions on proposed changes to the weed list after considering the testimony received.
(5) The new revised noxious weed list comes into effect January 1st.
(6) Proposals to add new species to the weed list that were not adopted by the board will not be reconsidered for future listing unless additional information is provided, including additional data from scientific and/or noxious weed professional sources regarding any invasive and noxious qualities of the species, as well as existing positive economic benefits.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 17.10 and 34.05 RCW. WSR 23-23-168, § 16-750-022, filed 11/21/23, effective 1/1/24; WSR 12-01-050, § 16-750-022, filed 12/15/11, effective 1/15/12.]
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