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PDFWAC 16-54-111

SwineImportation and testing requirements.

Import health requirements.
(1) All swine entering Washington state must be accompanied by an entry permit, a certificate of veterinary inspection, and official individual identification.
(2) The certificate of veterinary inspection must contain the following certification: "To the best of my knowledge, swine represented on this certificate have not originated from a premises known to be affected by Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea virus (PEDv), and have not been exposed to PEDv within the last 30 days."
(3) Feral swine are prohibited in Washington state.
Import test requirements.
(4) Brucellosis. All intact male and intact female swine more than six months of age must be tested negative for brucellosis within thirty days before entering Washington state or must originate from a USDA validated brucellosis free herd or state (Swine Brucellosis Control/Eradication State-Federal-Industry Uniform Methods and Rules, April 1998).
(5) Pseudorabies. No test is required from states recognized as Stage IV or Stage V by Pseudorabies Eradication State-Federal-Industry Program Standards, November 1, 2003.
(6) A negative pseudorabies test within thirty days before entry is required for swine from any state or area that loses Stage IV or Stage V status.
Exemptions to import test requirements.
(7) Swine shipped directly to a federally inspected slaughter facility for immediate slaughter are exempt from testing requirements.
Swine semen and embryos.
(8)(a) Swine semen and swine embryos entering Washington state for insemination of swine or implantation into swine shall be accompanied by a certificate of veterinary inspection issued by an accredited veterinarian stating that the donor swine are not known to be infected with or exposed to pseudorabies, were negative to an official pseudorabies serologic test within thirty days prior to the collection of the semen or embryos or were members of a qualified pseudorabies negative herd, and had not been exposed to pseudorabies within thirty days prior to the collection of the semen or embryos.
(b) Brucellosis testing is not required on donor swine from brucellosis validated free states.
(c) Pseudorabies testing is not required on donor swine from pseudorabies Stage IV or Stage V states.
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