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PDFWAC 16-470-040

Gypsy moth quarantine restrictions—Interior.

Items under quarantine are prohibited movement from the area under quarantine except as follows:
(1) Any item under quarantine may be inspected and certified for movement by a department inspector if, in the inspector's judgment, it is free of all stages of gypsy moth. Any item that in the judgment of the department inspector is too large or for other reasons cannot be adequately inspected for all stages of gypsy moth will not be certified except as indicated in WAC 16-470-040 (3) and (4).
(2) Garden prunings from trees and shrubs may be moved under Washington state department of agriculture permit to the city or county dumps where such material is to be buried, incinerated, composted, or otherwise treated or handled in a manner that is approved by a department inspector and does not pose a hazard to the spread of gypsy moth life stages. A department permit is not necessary for such material picked up by city or county vehicles or trucking companies under contract to haul such material to county approved facilities for disposal.
(3) Any item which cannot be adequately inspected as stated in WAC 16-470-040(1) may be moved from the quarantine area if cleaned or treated as prescribed by the director and in a manner satisfactory to the department inspector. Such items cleaned or treated shall be certified by a department inspector before movement from the quarantine area.
(4) Department inspectors may also certify items for movement when in their judgment the item has not been exposed to infestation, or has not been exposed to infestation after being properly inspected, cleaned or treated.
(5) Expense of cleaning or treatment of articles or commodities for gypsy moth shall be the responsibility of the person in possession of the articles or commodities, or the consignee in case of commercial shipment by common carriers of household goods.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 17.24 RCW. WSR 84-10-039 (Order 1822), § 16-470-040, filed 5/1/84, effective 7/1/84.]
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