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Chapter 16-200 WAC

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WAC Sections

HTMLPDF16-200-701What products are exempt from the definition of commercial fertilizer?
HTMLPDF16-200-703How are biosolids regulated under the Commercial Fertilizer Act?
HTMLPDF16-200-7061What information must I include with my registration application concerning total metals and application rates?
HTMLPDF16-200-7062What method must I use to analyze the total metals contained in my commercial fertilizer?
HTMLPDF16-200-7063How will the department determine whether a commercial fertilizer meets Washington standards for metals?
HTMLPDF16-200-7064What are the Washington standards for metals?
HTMLPDF16-200-708Unlawful acts.
HTMLPDF16-200-711Plant nutrients in addition to nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
HTMLPDF16-200-715Fertilizer labels.
HTMLPDF16-200-721Slowly released plant nutrients.
HTMLPDF16-200-725Commercial fertilizer definitions.
HTMLPDF16-200-731Commercial value of plant nutrients.
HTMLPDF16-200-735Breakdown of plant food elements within the guaranteed analysis.
HTMLPDF16-200-739Brand name.
HTMLPDF16-200-7401Statement of purpose—Penalty assignment.
HTMLPDF16-200-7402Definitions—Penalty assignment.
HTMLPDF16-200-7403Application of RCW 43.05.100 and 43.05.110—Issuance of a civil penalty without first issuing a notice of correction.
HTMLPDF16-200-7404Calculation of a civil penalty.
HTMLPDF16-200-7405Denial or cancellation of a bulk fertilizer distribution license.
HTMLPDF16-200-7406Other dispositions of alleged violations.
HTMLPDF16-200-7407Penalty assignment schedule.
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