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PDFWAC 136-12-010

Purpose and authority.

The laws of the state of Washington make detailed provisions in chapter 36.80 RCW, for the employment of a county engineer in each county. This chapter specifies that the county legislative authority of each county shall employ a county road engineer on either a full-time or part-time basis, or by contracting with another county for the engineering services of a county road engineer; that they shall be a registered and licensed professional civil engineer under the laws of this state; that they shall have supervision, under the direction of the county legislative authority, of all activities related to the county roads of the county, including maintenance; that they shall certify to the county legislative authority all bills with respect to county roads; that they shall keep complete public records of all road department activities; that they shall prepare plans and specifications for all construction work on the county road system; give an official bond to the county conditioned upon faithfully performing all the duties and accounting for county property entrusted to them.
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