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WAC 132Z-116-050

Permits required for vehicles on campus.

No person shall park, or leave any vehicle (other than bicycles), whether attended or unattended, upon the campus without a permit issued by the institutions. Permission to park on campus will be shown by display of a valid permit.
(1) A valid permit is:
(a) A current vehicle permit displayed in accordance with WAC 132Z-116-110. Vehicle permits are valid until revoked.
(b) A temporary permit authorized by the institutions and displayed in accordance with instructions. Temporary permits are valid through the date or time on the permit.
(c) A parking permit issued by a gate attendant and displayed on the vehicle in accordance with instructions.
(d) A parking permit dispensed by machine at the campus and displayed in accordance with instructions.
(2) Parking permits are not transferable, except as provided in WAC 132Z-116-060 and 132Z-116-090.
(3) The college and university reserve the right to refuse to issue parking permits.
(4) This section does not apply to vehicles that the institutions own or operate.
(5) The institutions may allow persons without permits to drive through the campus without parking.
(6) A public safety officer may require visitors to wait at the entrances to the campus when pedestrian or vehicular traffic congestion is above normal.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(10). WSR 02-11-048, ยง 132Z-116-050, filed 5/9/02, effective 6/9/02.]
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