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PDFWAC 132Q-20-260

Fines and penalties violations.

(1) Fines may be levied by the chief administration officer or designee for all violations of the rules contained in this chapter. A current schedule of fines is available from the campus safety office.
(2) Violators have the right to due process and may appeal to the college parking appeals board created in WAC 132Q-20-265, whose decision is final.
(3) Vehicles parked on any campus in violation of any of the rules contained in this chapter, may be impounded or detained by use of mechanical devices at the discretion of the campus safety office. If a vehicle is impounded, it may be taken to such place for storage as the chief administration officer or designee selects. The expenses of such impounding and storage shall be the sole responsibility of the owner or operator of the vehicle. CCS shall not be liable for loss or damage of any kind resulting from such impounding and storage.
(4) At the discretion of the chief administration officer or designee, an accumulation of traffic violations by a student may be cause for disciplinary action, pursuant to chapter 132Q-30 WAC. In the case of students, failure to pay fines shall be grounds for the college, in addition to disciplinary action, to deny admission to CCS, registration, official transcripts, graduation or other administrative action. Failure to pay fines may result in the refusal to issue a permit.
(5) For students and employees, refusal to pay a fine still existing after exhaustion of the appellate process shall be grounds for disciplinary action.
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