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PDFWAC 132F-121-080

Formal processing of grievances.

(1) A grievance is a formal procedure instituted when a grievance is not resolved through the informal grievance process. It involves submitting a written grievance to the student grievance officer often with the help of the student grievance process advocate.
(2) A student wishing to express a grievance should do so no later than the last day of the quarter after the event occurred, with the exception of spring quarter where the last day to file a formal grievance is the last day of fall quarter.
(3) The following procedures shall be used when a student initiates the grievance process. All timelines below can be adjusted as deemed appropriate by the grievance officer.
(a) Student (complainant) submits a written grievance;
(b) Grievance officer reviews and qualifies, or requests the student revise for subsequent qualification;
(c) Grievance officer notifies employee (respondent) and their supervisor with written grievance and documentation, once qualified, within five business days or the maximum days afforded in the employee's contract;
(d) Respondent must provide a written response to student grievance officer, within ten business days;
(e) The respondent's supervisor must provide a written summary of attempts to resolve or facts gathered in the grievance process to the student grievance officer within the same time frame as respondent;
(f) Student grievance officer sends response to complainant within five business days;
(g) The grievance is confirmed by the student as resolved, or if the student feels a satisfactory resolution was not achieved, they may request a conference with the respondent and their supervisor, facilitated by the student grievance officer within five business days. Students have the right to bring an advocate to the conference meeting with notification to the grievance officer;
(h) Student grievance officer initiates scheduling of one hour conference meeting to facilitate discussion for attempted resolution, within five business days;
(i) Grievance officer will provide to all parties a written summary of the conference, within five business days;
(j) If complainant is not satisfied with the resolution upon receipt of the conference summary, they may request of the grievance officer a final review by the respondent's vice president or appropriate unit administrator in writing within five business days; and
(k) The unit administrator may amend, modify, reverse or accept the recommendation. This decision must be sent to the complainant within ten business days. This decision shall be final.
(4) The grievance officer or appropriate unit administrator may extend the timeline under exceptional circumstances such as extended illness or off contract status.
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