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PDFWAC 131-28-025

Method of assessing tuition and fee charges.

Tuition and fees charged to students in state-funded courses shall conform to chapter 28B.15 RCW, the legislative budget and policies of the state board and the following:
(1) For credit- and credit equivalent-based programs, tuition, and fees charged to students:
(a) Shall be based upon the number of credits assigned to such courses as listed in the official and current catalog of the college, or for courses not given such credit designations, the number of credit equivalents as computed by the method for deriving such equivalents established by the state board.
(b) Shall be assessed on a per-credit basis at uniform rates for resident and for nonresident students, respectively. Partial credits shall be assessed on a proportionate basis. The respective maximums charged to any resident or nonresident student shall not exceed the amount allowed by law.
(c) Shall be assessed for part-time students, for each credit of registration or its equivalent.
(d) Shall include an additional operating fee for each credit in excess of eighteen at the tuition fee rate charged to part-time students.
(2) For competency-based degree programs, tuition and fees charged to students:
(a) Shall be based on the tuition and fee rates charged for a fifteen-credit load for one quarter, prorated for the length of the competency-based degree program term.
(b) For the purposes of the proration required under (a) of this subsection, a quarter shall be considered to be three months long.
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