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PDFWAC 110-80-0160

When will department-funded foster care and foster day care payments end?

(1) Foster care payments are paid after the month of service. Adoption support payments are paid prior to the month.
(2) If the adoptive parent(s) receives department-funded foster care and foster care child care for the child to be adopted, the department's social worker assigned to the child will terminate that coverage on the day prior to the date the early implementation adoption support agreement was signed, or the day prior to the finalization of the adoption.
(3) If the adoptive parent is adopting a relative child and has been receiving funding through TANF the adoptive parent must notify the community services office financial services specialist that payment has been initiated through the adoption support program. The adoptive parent may not receive both the TANF grant and adoption support payments for the same month for the same child.
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