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PDFWAC 110-300-0265

Sleep, rest, and equipment.

(1) An early learning provider must offer a supervised daily rest period for children preschool age and younger who remain in care for more than six hours per day, or who show a need for rest.
(2) An early learning provider must provide quiet activities for children who do not require rest. Quiet activities must be minimally disruptive to sleeping children.
(3) An early learning provider must communicate a child's sleep needs and patterns with that child's parent or guardian.
(4) An early learning provider must not place children directly on the floor to rest or sleep.
(5) For children not using cribs or playpens, an early learning provider must provide developmentally appropriate mats, cots, or other sleep equipment made of water resistant material that can be cleaned and sanitized.
(6) Mats, cots, and other sleep equipment used in an early learning program must be:
(a) In good condition, have no tears or holes, and have no repairs with tape;
(b) Cleaned, sanitized, and air dried at least once per week or more often as needed if used by only one child, or after each use if used by more than one child; and
(c) Stored so sleeping surfaces are not touching each other unless cleaned and sanitized after each use.
(7) Floor mats designed for sleeping and mattresses must be at least one inch thick.
(8) Floor mats must be spaced apart from other floor mats, cots, and mattresses to reduce germ exposure and allow early learning providers' access to each child during sleep time as follows:
(a) There must be at least eighteen inches on each side between each floor mat, cot, or mattress; and
(b) Floor mats, cots, and mattresses must be arranged so children are head to toe, or toe to toe.
(9) Each child's bedding must:
(a) Have a clean sheet or blanket to cover the sleeping surface and a clean blanket for the child that is suitable given the child's size and room temperature;
(b) Be laundered weekly or more often if soiled, or laundered daily if used by more than one child; and
(c) Be stored separately from bedding used by another child, unless it is cleaned and sanitized after each use.
(10) An early learning provider must not allow children less than six years of age to use loft style beds or upper bunks of bunk beds.
[WSR 18-15-001, recodified as § 110-300-0265, filed 7/5/18, effective 7/5/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.215.070, 43.215.201 and chapter 42.56 RCW. WSR 18-14-079, § 170-300-0265, filed 6/30/18, effective 8/1/19.]
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