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WAC 110-300-0030


(1) Early learning programs are defined by state and federal law as places of public accommodation that must:
(a) Not discriminate in employment practices or client services based on race, creed, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, gender, sexual orientation, class, age, religion, or ability; and
(b) Comply with the requirements of the Washington law against discrimination (chapter 49.60 RCW) and the ADA.
(2) An early learning program must have a written nondiscrimination policy addressing at least the factors listed in subsection (1) of this section.
[WSR 18-15-001, recodified as § 110-300-0030, filed 7/5/18, effective 7/5/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.215.070, 43.215.201 and chapter 42.56 RCW. WSR 18-14-079, § 170-300-0030, filed 6/30/18, effective 8/1/19.]
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