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PDFWAC 110-148-1320

When will the department grant me a foster family license?

(1) We issue you a license when you and everyone in your household meet the licensing requirements contained in this chapter, and all required documents are in the licensing file. In addition, you must maintain all requirements in this chapter and provide verification to your licensor, if requested.
(2) You and other caregivers over the age of 18 must:
(a) Complete first aid and age-appropriate, adult or infant, cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) training. Training must be department approved and accredited with nationally recognized standards; and
(b) Complete bloodborne pathogens training including infection control standards consistent with educational materials published by the department of health.
(3) You, your household members, individuals living on any part of your property, and anyone else having unsupervised contact with your foster children must pass a background check, as required by chapter 110-04 WAC:
(a) Anyone 16 years old or older must pass a background check;
(b) Anyone younger than 16 years old must pass a background check if the department determines one is warranted to ensure the safety of a child;
(c) Anyone 18 years old or older must pass an FBI fingerprint-based background check, unless the individual is unable to obtain fingerprints due to a mental or physical disability and can provide documentation of such disability to the department; and
(d) Anyone 18 years old or older must complete a child abuse and neglect registry check from each state they have lived in over the past five years indicating:
(i) No license denials or revocations from an agency that regulates the care of children or vulnerable adults, unless the department determines that you do not pose a risk to a child's health, safety, well-being and long-term stability; and
(ii) No finding or substantiation of abuse or neglect of a child or a vulnerable adult, unless the department determines that you do not pose a risk to a child's safety, well-being, and long-term stability.
(4) You and your household members over the age of 18 must complete a tuberculosis (TB) screening. The department may require a medical evaluation or TB test that is a purified protein derivative skin test or a blood test, based on the results of the TB screening. If there is a positive evaluation or TB test, then the individual must submit a physician's statement identifying that there is no active TB or risk of contagion to children in care.
(5) For any children living in the household not receiving out-of-home care, you must have proof of current immunizations for all vaccine-preventable diseases detailed in WAC 246-105-030. For all children not receiving out-of-home care, we may grant a medical exception to this requirement if the immunization is contrary to the child's health as documented by a licensed health care provider on a certificate of exemption.
(6) You and all household members must have pertussis and influenza immunizations to serve foster children who are:
(a) Under the age of two; or
(b) Medically fragile as defined in WAC 110-148-1305.
(c) A medical exception may be granted if the immunization is contrary to your or the household member's health as documented by a licensed health care provider.
(7) Before granting or renewing a license, your licensor will assess your ability to provide a safe home and to provide the quality of care needed by children placed in your home. Your licensor will also determine that you meet training requirements.
(8) Foster children under the care and authority of the department living in your home do not need to obtain a criminal history check, FBI fingerprint check, or TB test.
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