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PDFWAC 110-06-0120

Secretary's list.

(1) A subject individual's conviction for any crimes listed in column (a) in the table below will permanently disqualify him or her from authorization to care for or have unsupervised access to children receiving early learning services.
(2) A subject individual's conviction for any crime listed in column (b) in the table below will disqualify him or her from authorization to care for or have unsupervised access to children receiving early learning services for a period of five years from the date of conviction.
(a) Crimes that permanently disqualify a subject individual
(b) Crimes that disqualify a subject individual for five years from date of conviction
Abandonment of a child
Abandonment of a dependent person not against child
Assault 3 not domestic violence
Assault 1
Assault 4/simple assault
Assault 2
Assault 3 domestic violence
Assault of a child
Custodial assault
Bail jumping
Custodial sexual misconduct
Extortion 2
Child buying or selling
Child molestation
Commercial sexual abuse of a minor
Communication with a minor for immoral purposes
Identity theft
Controlled substance homicide
Leading organized crime
Criminal mistreatment
Malicious explosion 3
Custodial interference
Malicious mischief
Dealing in depictions of minor engaged in sexually explicit conduct
Malicious placement of an explosive 2
Domestic violence (felonies only)
Malicious placement of an explosive 3
Drive-by shooting
Malicious placement of imitation device 1
Extortion 1
Patronizing a prostitute
Harassment domestic violence
Possess explosive device
Homicide by abuse
Promoting pornography
Homicide by watercraft
Promoting prostitution 1
Incendiary devices (possess, manufacture, dispose)
Promoting prostitution 2
Promoting suicide attempt
Indecent exposure/public indecency (felonies only)
Indecent liberties
Reckless endangerment
Residential burglary
Malicious explosion 1
Malicious explosion 2
Malicious harassment
Unlawful imprisonment
Malicious mischief domestic violence
Unlawful use of a building for drug purposes
Malicious placement of an explosive 1
Violation of the Imitation Controlled Substances Act (manufacture/deliver/intent)
Violation of the Uniform Controlled Substances Act (manufacture/deliver/intent)
Murder/aggravated murder
Violation of the Uniform Legend Drug Act (manufacture/deliver/intent)
Violation of the Uniform Precursor Drug Act (manufacture/deliver/intent)
Possess depictions minor engaged in sexual conduct
Rape of child
Selling or distributing erotic material to a minor
Sending or bringing into the state depictions of a minor
Sexual exploitation of minors
Sexual misconduct with a minor
Sexually violating human remains
Use of machine gun in felony
Vehicular assault
Vehicular homicide (negligent homicide)
Violation of child abuse restraining order
Violation of civil anti-harassment protection order
Violation of protection/contact/restraining order
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