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PDFWAC 110-01-0200

How the department responds to public records requests.

Within five business days of receiving the request, the department will either:
(1) Provide the record;
(2) Acknowledge the request and give a reasonable time estimate of how long the department will take to provide records;
(3) Contact the requestor to clarify the request if it isn't understood by the public records officer; or
(4) Deny all or part of the request in writing, with reasons for the denial. The explanation will include the law that the department relied upon in its denial.
At his or her discretion, the public records officer may send the requested records by email, fax, postal mail, or commercial delivery. The records may be delivered on paper, computer or compact discs, or other methods.
[WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-01-0200, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.215.070 and chapter 42.56 RCW. WSR 18-13-009, § 170-01-0200, filed 6/6/18, effective 7/7/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 42.56.040, 43.215.070, and chapter 43.215 RCW. WSR 12-09-035, § 170-01-0200, filed 4/11/12, effective 5/12/12.]
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