Chapter 87.25 RCW



HTMLPDF 87.25.010Resolution to certifyInvestigation.
HTMLPDF 87.25.020Request for informationCompliance.
HTMLPDF 87.25.030Transcript to attorney generalReport filed with secretary of state.
HTMLPDF 87.25.040Contents of director's report.
HTMLPDF 87.25.050Certificates to be attached to reports.
HTMLPDF 87.25.060Supplemental report.
HTMLPDF 87.25.070Form of secretary of state's certificate.
HTMLPDF 87.25.090Expense to be paid by district.
HTMLPDF 87.25.100Expenditures of bond proceedsEmployment and payment of attorneys.
HTMLPDF 87.25.120Inspection of work as it progresses.
HTMLPDF 87.25.125Certification in installments.
HTMLPDF 87.25.130Forms prescribed.
HTMLPDF 87.25.140Expenditures for constructionApprovalBudget.