Title 80 RCW

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80.01Utilities and transportation commission.
80.12Transfers of property.
80.16Affiliated interests.
80.20Investigation of public service companies.
80.24Regulatory fees.
80.28Gas, electrical, and water companies.
80.32Electric franchises and rights-of-way.
80.40Underground natural gas storage act.
80.50Energy facilitiesSite locations.
80.52Energy financing voter approval act.
80.54Attachments to transmission facilities.
80.58Nonpolluting power generation exemption.
80.60Net metering of electricity.
80.66Radio communications service companies.
80.70Carbon dioxide mitigation.
80.80Greenhouse gas emissionsBaseload electric generation performance standard.
80.82Closure of coal-fired electric generation facilities.
80.84Transition of eligible coal units.
80.86Washington decarbonization act for large combination utilities.


Agreements between electrical public utilities and cooperatives: Chapter 54.48 RCW.
Assessment of public utilities for property tax purposes: Chapter 84.12 RCW.
Conversion of overhead electric and communication facilities to underground: Chapter 35.96 RCW, RCW 36.88.410 through 36.88.480.
Corporate seals, effect of absence from instrument: RCW 64.04.105.
Corporations, annual license fee of public service companies: RCW 23B.01.590.
Easements of public service companies taxable as personalty: RCW 84.20.010.
Electrical advisory board: RCW 19.28.311.
FlaggersSafety standards: RCW 49.17.350.
Franchise on county roads and bridges: Chapter 36.55 RCW.
Fraud in obtaining telecommunications service: RCW 9.26A.110.
Gas and hazardous liquid pipelines: Chapter 81.88 RCW.
Generating electricity by steam: RCW 43.21A.600 through 43.21A.642.
Hydroelectric resources, creation of separate legal authority by irrigation districts and cities, towns, or public utility districts: RCW 87.03.825 through 87.03.840.
Mechanics' and materialmen's liens: Chapter 60.04 RCW.
Metropolitan municipal corporations: Chapter 35.58 RCW.
Municipal utilities: Chapter 35.92 RCW.
Municipal utilities, sale or lease of: Chapter 35.94 RCW.
Municipal water and sewer facilities act: Chapter 35.91 RCW.
Nuclear, thermal power facilities, joint development by cities, public utility districts, electrical companies: Chapter 54.44 RCW.
Operating agencies: Chapter 43.52 RCW.
Party line telephone calls, emergencies: Chapter 70.85 RCW.
Power resources, state division of: Chapter 43.27A RCW.
Public utility districts: Title 54 RCW.
Public utility tax: Chapter 82.16 RCW.
State department of conservation: Chapter 43.27A RCW.
State power commission: Chapter 43.27A RCW.
Traffic control at worksites: RCW 47.36.200.
Underground utilities, records of location: Chapter 19.122 RCW.
Utility poles, unlawful to attach objectsPenalty: RCW 70.54.090.
Water resources, state division of: Chapter 43.27A RCW.