Chapter 74.08 RCW



74.08.025Eligibility for public assistanceTemporary assistance for needy familiesLimitations for drug or alcohol-dependent persons.
74.08.030Old age assistance eligibility requirements.
74.08.043Need for personal and special careAuthority to consider in determining living requirements.
74.08.044Need for personal and special careLicensingRules and regulations.
74.08.045Need for personal and special carePurchase of personal and special care by department.
74.08.046Energy assistance allowance.
74.08.050Applications for grants.
74.08.055Verification of applicationsElectronic applicationsPenalty.
74.08.060Action on applicationsIneligibility of inmatesEmployment and training services.
74.08.080GrievancesDepartmental and judicial review.
74.08.090Rule-making authority and enforcement.
74.08.100Age and residency verificationFelony.
74.08.105Out-of-state recipients.
74.08.210Grants not assignable nor subject to execution.
74.08.260Federal act to control in event of conflict.
74.08.278Central operating fund established.
74.08.280Payments to persons incapable of self-careProtective payee services.
74.08.283Services provided to attain self-care.
74.08.290Suspension of paymentsNeed lapseImprisonmentConviction under RCW 74.08.331.
74.08.331Unlawful practicesObtaining assistanceDisposal of realtyPenalties.
74.08.335Transfers of property to qualify for assistance.
74.08.338Real property transfers for inadequate consideration.
74.08.340No vested rights conferred.
74.08.370Old age assistance grants charged against general fund.
74.08.380Acceptance of federal act.
74.08.390Research, projects, to effect savings by restoring self-supportWaiver of public assistance requirements.
74.08.580Electronic benefit cardsProhibited usesViolations.
74.08.582Electronic benefit cardsNames of two or more persons.
74.08.900Limited application.


Public assistance eligibilityPayments exempt: RCW 43.185C.140.