Chapter 71.34 RCW


(Formerly: Mental health services for minors)


71.34.300Evaluation and treatment program for minorsAuthority's responsibility.
71.34.305Notice to parents, school contacts for referring students to inpatient treatment.
71.34.310Jurisdiction over proceedings under chapterVenue.
71.34.315Mental health commissionersAuthority.
71.34.320Transfer of superior court proceedings to juvenile department.
71.34.325Court proceedings under chapter subject to rules of state supreme court.
71.34.330Attorneys appointed for minorsCompensation.
71.34.335Court records and files confidentialAvailability.
71.34.351Delivery of minor to treatment facilities.
71.34.355Rights of minors undergoing treatmentPostingWaiverPresumption of incompetency.
71.34.356Possessions of minors undergoing treatment.
71.34.360No detention of minors after eighteenth birthdayExceptions.
71.34.365Release of minorRequirements.
71.34.375Family-initiated treatmentNotice to parents of available treatment options.
71.34.377Failure to notify parent or guardian of treatment optionsCivil penalty.
71.34.379Notice to parent or guardianTreatment optionsPolicy and protocol adoptionReport.
71.34.380Department, department of health, and authority to adopt rules to effectuate chapter.
71.34.385Uniform application of chapterTraining for designated crisis responders.
71.34.387Online training for behavioral health providersState law and best practices when providing behavioral health services to children, youth, and families.
71.34.3871Annual survey to measure impacts of the adolescent behavioral health care access act (2019 c 381)Reports to governor and legislature.
71.34.390Redirection of Title XIX funds to fund placements within the state.
71.34.395Availability of treatment does not create right to obtain public funds.
71.34.400Eligibility for medical assistance under chapter 74.09 RCWPayment by authority.
71.34.405Liability for costs of minor's treatment and careRules.
71.34.406Liability of costs of minor's treatmentInvoluntary detentionRules.
71.34.410Liability for performance of duties under this chapter limited.
71.34.415Judicial servicesCivil commitment casesReimbursement.
71.34.420Evaluation and treatment servicesUnavailabilitySingle bed certification.
71.34.430Release of adolescent's mental health information to parent without adolescent's consent.
71.34.440Detention of minorsPermission to leave facility.
71.34.500Self-admission of adolescent for inpatient behavioral health treatment or substance use disorder treatmentRequirements.
71.34.510Notice to parents of adolescent voluntarily admitted to inpatient treatmentWhen requiredDuties of professional person in chargeForm of notice.
71.34.520Notice of intent to leave inpatient treatment by adolescent voluntarily admittedDuties of receiving staff memberTime frame for discharge of adolescent.
71.34.530Outpatient treatment of adolescent.
71.34.600Parental request for determination of whether adolescent has a behavioral health disorder requiring inpatient treatmentAdolescent's consent not required for admission, evaluation, and treatmentDuties and obligations of professional person and facility.
71.34.610Authority's review of medical necessity of inpatient treatment of adolescent admitted to a facility due to parental requestRequired considerations in making determinationProcedures for releaseAt-risk youth petitionCostsPublic funds.
71.34.620Adolescent's court petition for release from inpatient treatment facilityJudicial review of medical necessity.
71.34.630Adolescent not released from inpatient treatment facility by court petitionRelease within thirty daysInitiation of proceedings to stop release.
71.34.640Evaluation of treatment of adolescents.
71.34.650Parental request for determination of whether adolescent has a behavioral health disorder requiring outpatient treatmentAdolescent's consent not required for evaluation and certain treatmentTreatment reviewsDischarge.
71.34.660Limitation on liability for admitting or accepting adolescent.
71.34.670"Appropriately trained professional person" defined by rule.
71.34.680Data collection and tracking system for adolescents receiving treatment.
71.34.700Evaluation of adolescent brought for immediate inpatient treatmentTemporary detention.
71.34.705Evaluation of adolescent brought for immediate inpatient treatmentConsiderations.
71.34.706Evaluation of adolescent brought for immediate inpatient treatmentConsiderations.
71.34.710Adolescent who presents likelihood of serious harm or is gravely disabledTransport to inpatient facilityPetition for initial detentionNoticeFacility to evaluate and admit or release adolescent.
71.34.720Examination and evaluation of minor approved for inpatient admissionReferral to a secure withdrawal management and stabilization facility or substance use disorder treatment programRight to communication, exceptionEvaluation and treatment period.
71.34.730Petition for fourteen-day commitmentRequirements.
71.34.735Commitment hearingContinuance or postponement.
71.34.740Commitment hearingRequirementsFindings by courtCommitmentRelease.
71.34.750Petition for one hundred eighty-day commitmentHearingRequirementsFindings by courtCommitment orderReleaseSuccessive commitments.
71.34.755Less restrictive alternative treatmentRequirements.
71.34.760Placement of minor in state evaluation and treatment facility or substance use disorder treatment programPlacement committeeFacility or program to report to committee.
71.34.770Release of minorConditional releaseDischarge.
71.34.780Minor's failure to adhere to outpatient conditionsDeterioration of minor's functioningTransport to facility or programOrder of apprehension and detentionRevocation of alternative treatment or conditional releaseHearings.
71.34.790Transportation for minors committed to state facility for one hundred eighty-day treatment.
71.34.795Transferring or moving persons from juvenile correctional institutions or facilities to evaluation and treatment facilities.
71.34.796Transfer of person committed to juvenile correction institution to institution or facility for juveniles with behavioral health disorders.
71.34.905Rule makingAccess to files and records of court proceedings.
71.34.910Appearance by video technology.


Court files and records closedExceptions: RCW 71.05.620.