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Title 70A RCW

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70A.01General provisions.
70A.02Environmental justice.
70A.05Integrated climate change response strategy.
70A.10Weather modification.
70A.15Washington clean air act.
70A.20Noise control.
70A.25Motor vehicle emission control.
70A.30Motor vehicle emission standards.
70A.35Low-income residential weatherization program.
70A.40Washington academy of sciences.
70A.45Limiting greenhouse gas emissions.
70A.50Energy efficiency improvements.
70A.55Diesel emissions—Air pollution reduction.
70A.60HydrofluorocarbonsEmissions reduction.
70A.65Greenhouse gas emissionsCap and invest program.
70A.100Public water system coordination act of 1977.
70A.105On-site sewage disposal systems.
70A.110On-site sewage disposal systems—Marine recovery areas.
70A.115Large on-site sewage disposal systems.
70A.120Public water supply systems—Operators.
70A.125Public water systems—Penalties and compliance.
70A.130Chemical contaminants and water quality.
70A.135Water pollution control facilities financing.
70A.140Water quality joint development act.
70A.145Water purveyors—Fire suppression water facilities.
70A.200Waste reduction, recycling, and model litter control act.
70A.205Solid waste management—Reduction and recycling.
70A.207Washington center for sustainable food management.
70A.210Pollution control—Municipal bonding authority.
70A.212Domestic waste treatment plants—Operators.
70A.214Waste reduction.
70A.216Solid waste incinerator and landfill operators.
70A.218Hazardous waste fees.
70A.220Labeling of plastics.
70A.222Packages containing metals and toxic chemicals.
70A.224Used oil recycling.
70A.226Municipal sewage sludge—Biosolids.
70A.228Biomedical waste.
70A.235Beverage containers.
70A.240Recycling development center.
70A.245Recycling, waste, and litter reduction.
70A.300Hazardous waste management.
70A.305Hazardous waste cleanup—Model toxics control act.
70A.310Mill tailings—Licensing and perpetual care.
70A.315Incinerator ash residue.
70A.320Area-wide soil contamination.
70A.325Underground petroleum storage tanks.
70A.330Petroleum storage tank systems—Pollution liability protection act.
70A.335Bisphenol A—Restrictions on sale.
70A.340Brake friction material.
70A.345Underground storage tank revolving loan and grant program.
70A.350Toxic pollution.
70A.355Underground storage tanks.
70A.380Northwest interstate compact on low-level radioactive waste management.
70A.382Pacific states agreement on radioactive material transportation management.
70A.384Radioactive waste act.
70A.386High-level nuclear waste repository siting.
70A.388Nuclear energy and radiation.
70A.390Radioactive waste storage and transportation act of 1980.
70A.400Firefighting agents and equipment—Toxic chemical use.
70A.405Polybrominated diphenyl ethers—Flame retardants.
70A.410Detergent phosphorus content.
70A.415Hazardous substance information.
70A.420Lead-based paint.
70A.425Poison prevention—Labeling and packaging.
70A.430Children's safe products.
70A.435Replacement of lead wheel weights.
70A.440Stormwater pollution—Coal tar.
70A.445Recreational water vessels—Antifouling paints.
70A.450Labeling of building materials containing asbestos.
70A.455Plastic product degradability.
70A.500Electronic product recycling.
70A.505Mercury-containing lights—Proper disposal.
70A.510Photovoltaic module stewardship and takeback program.
70A.515Architectural paint stewardship program.
70A.520Plastic packaging—Evaluation and assessment.
70A.525Disposable wipes products—Labeling standards.
70A.530Carryout bags.
70A.535Transportation fuelClean fuels program.
70A.540LandfillsMethane emissions.
70A.545Petroleum underground storage tanksFinancial assurance program.
70A.550Wind energy facilitiesLight pollution.
70A.555BatteriesEnvironmental stewardship.
70A.560Cosmetic productsToxic chemicals.


Asbestos, regulation of use: Chapter 49.26 RCW.
Dangerous caustic and corrosive substances: Chapter 69.36 RCW.
Inhaling toxic fumes: Chapter 9.47A RCW.
Sanitary control of shellfish: Chapter 69.30 RCW.
Water pollution control: Chapter 90.48 RCW.