Chapter 69.50 RCW



HTMLPDF 69.50.101Definitions.
HTMLPDF 69.50.102Drug paraphernaliaDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 69.50.201Enforcement of chapterAuthority to change schedules of controlled substances.
HTMLPDF 69.50.202Nomenclature.
HTMLPDF 69.50.203Schedule I tests.
HTMLPDF 69.50.204Schedule I.
HTMLPDF 69.50.205Schedule II tests.
HTMLPDF 69.50.206Schedule II.
HTMLPDF 69.50.207Schedule III tests.
HTMLPDF 69.50.208Schedule III.
HTMLPDF 69.50.209Schedule IV tests.
HTMLPDF 69.50.210Schedule IV.
HTMLPDF 69.50.211Schedule V tests.
HTMLPDF 69.50.212Schedule V.
HTMLPDF 69.50.213Republishing of schedules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.214Controlled substance analog.
HTMLPDF 69.50.301RulesFees.
HTMLPDF 69.50.302Registration requirements.
HTMLPDF 69.50.303Registration.
HTMLPDF 69.50.304Revocation and suspension of registrationSeizure or placement under seal of controlled substances.
HTMLPDF 69.50.305Procedure for denial, suspension, or revocation of registration.
HTMLPDF 69.50.306Records of registrants.
HTMLPDF 69.50.308Prescriptions.
HTMLPDF 69.50.309Containers.
HTMLPDF 69.50.310Sodium pentobarbitalRegistration of humane societies and animal control agencies for use in animal control.
HTMLPDF 69.50.311Triplicate prescription form programCompliance by health care practitioners.
HTMLPDF 69.50.312Electronic communication of prescription informationExceptionsWaiverPenaltyCommission may adopt rules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.315Medical assistanceDrug-related overdoseProsecution for possession.
HTMLPDF 69.50.317Opioid drugsCommunication with patient.
HTMLPDF 69.50.320Registration of department of fish and wildlife for use in chemical capture programsRules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.325Cannabis producer's license, cannabis processor's license, cannabis retailer's license.
HTMLPDF 69.50.3251Cannabis manufacture, sale, distribution prohibited without a licenseTribal agreementsSynthetic cannabinoids prohibited.
HTMLPDF 69.50.326Cannabis producers, processorsUse of additives to enhance CBD concentration of authorized productsRules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.327Cannabis processorsIncorporation of characterizing flavor in vapor products.
HTMLPDF 69.50.3271Products combining cannabis and alcohol prohibited.
HTMLPDF 69.50.328Cannabis producers, processorsNo direct or indirect financial interest in licensed cannabis retailers.
HTMLPDF 69.50.331Application for licenseRenewal fee reimbursement, social equity plan.
HTMLPDF 69.50.334Denial of applicationOpportunity for hearing.
HTMLPDF 69.50.335Cannabis retailer, processor, producer licensesIssue, reissue of licensesSocial equity applicantsRulesDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 69.50.339Transfer of license to produce, process, or sell cannabisReporting of proposed sales of outstanding or issued stock of a corporation.
HTMLPDF 69.50.342State liquor and cannabis boardRules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.345State liquor and cannabis boardRulesProcedures and criteria.
HTMLPDF 69.50.346Labels on retail products.
HTMLPDF 69.50.348Representative samples of cannabis, useable cannabis, or cannabis-infused products.
HTMLPDF 69.50.351Board members and employeesConflict of interest.
HTMLPDF 69.50.354Retail outlet licenses.
HTMLPDF 69.50.357Retail outletsRules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.360Cannabis retailers, employees of retail outletsCertain acts not criminal or civil offenses.
HTMLPDF 69.50.363Cannabis processors, employeesCertain acts not criminal or civil offenses.
HTMLPDF 69.50.366Cannabis producers, employeesCertain acts not criminal or civil offenses.
HTMLPDF 69.50.369Cannabis producers, processors, researchers, retailersAdvertisementsRulesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 69.50.372Cannabis research license.
HTMLPDF 69.50.375Cannabis retailersMedical cannabis endorsement.
HTMLPDF 69.50.378Cannabis retailer holding medical cannabis endorsementTHC concentration in products.
HTMLPDF 69.50.380Cannabis producers, processors, retailers prohibited from making certain sales of cannabis, cannabis products.
HTMLPDF 69.50.382Common carriersTransportation or delivery of cannabis, useable cannabis, cannabis concentrates, immature plants or clones, cannabis seeds, and cannabis-infused productsEmployees prohibited from carrying or using firearm during such servicesExceptionsUse of state ferry routes.
HTMLPDF 69.50.385Common carriersLicensingState liquor and cannabis board to adopt rules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.390Licensed retailers prohibited from operating vending machines, drive-through purchase facilities for the sale of cannabis products.
HTMLPDF 69.50.395Licensed cannabis businesses, agreementsDisclosure to state liquor and cannabis board.
HTMLPDF 69.50.401Prohibited acts: APenalties.
HTMLPDF 69.50.4011Counterfeit substancesPenaltiesReferral to assessment and services.
HTMLPDF 69.50.4012Delivery of substance in lieu of controlled substancePenalty.
HTMLPDF 69.50.4013Possession, use of controlled substancePenaltyReferral to assessment and servicesPossession of useable cannabis, cannabis concentrates, or cannabis-infused productsDelivery.
HTMLPDF 69.50.4014Possession of forty grams or less of cannabisPenaltyReferral to assessment and services.
HTMLPDF 69.50.4015Involving a person under eighteen in unlawful controlled substance transactionPenalty.
HTMLPDF 69.50.4016Provisions not applicable to offenses under RCW 69.50.410.
HTMLPDF 69.50.4017Alternatives to prosecutionPretrial diversion.
HTMLPDF 69.50.4018Sentencing considerations.
HTMLPDF 69.50.402Prohibited acts: BPenalties.
HTMLPDF 69.50.403Prohibited acts: CPenalties.
HTMLPDF 69.50.404Penalties under other laws.
HTMLPDF 69.50.405Bar to prosecution.
HTMLPDF 69.50.406Distribution to persons under age eighteen.
HTMLPDF 69.50.407Conspiracy.
HTMLPDF 69.50.408Second or subsequent offenses.
HTMLPDF 69.50.410Prohibited acts: DPenalties.
HTMLPDF 69.50.412Prohibited acts: EPenalties.
HTMLPDF 69.50.4121Drug paraphernaliaSellingPenalty.
HTMLPDF 69.50.413Health care practitionersSuspension of license for violation of chapter.
HTMLPDF 69.50.414Sale or transfer of controlled substance to minorCause of action by parentDamages.
HTMLPDF 69.50.415Controlled substances homicidePenalty.
HTMLPDF 69.50.416Counterfeit substances prohibitedPenalties.
HTMLPDF 69.50.418Tableting and encapsulating machines prohibitedPenalties.
HTMLPDF 69.50.420ViolationsJuvenile driving privileges.
HTMLPDF 69.50.430Additional fine for certain felony violations.
HTMLPDF 69.50.435Violations committed in or on certain public places or facilitiesAdditional penaltyDefensesConstructionDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 69.50.438Cathinone or methcathinoneAdditional fine.
HTMLPDF 69.50.440Possession with intent to manufacturePenalty.
HTMLPDF 69.50.445Opening package of or consuming cannabis, useable cannabis, cannabis-infused products, or cannabis concentrates in view of general public or public placePenalty.
HTMLPDF 69.50.450Butane or other explosive gases.
HTMLPDF 69.50.455Synthetic cannabinoidsUnfair or deceptive practice under RCW 19.86.020.
HTMLPDF 69.50.460Cathinone or methcathinoneUnfair or deceptive practice under RCW 19.86.020.
HTMLPDF 69.50.465Conducting or maintaining cannabis clubPenalty.
HTMLPDF 69.50.470Medication disposal, no penalty for compliance.
HTMLPDF 69.50.475Cannabis retail outletsSale to persons under the age of twenty-onePenalty.
HTMLPDF 69.50.500Powers of enforcement personnel.
HTMLPDF 69.50.501Administrative inspections.
HTMLPDF 69.50.502Warrants for administrative inspections.
HTMLPDF 69.50.503Injunctions.
HTMLPDF 69.50.504Cooperative arrangements.
HTMLPDF 69.50.505Seizure and forfeiture.
HTMLPDF 69.50.506Burden of proof; liabilities.
HTMLPDF 69.50.507Judicial review.
HTMLPDF 69.50.508Education and research.
HTMLPDF 69.50.509Search and seizure of controlled substances.
HTMLPDF 69.50.510Search and seizure at rental premisesNotification of landlord.
HTMLPDF 69.50.511Cleanup of hazardous substances at illegal drug manufacturing facilityRules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.515PharmaciesCannabisNotification and disposal.
HTMLPDF 69.50.525Diversion prevention and controlReport.
HTMLPDF 69.50.530Dedicated cannabis account.
HTMLPDF 69.50.535Cannabis excise taxState liquor and cannabis board to review tax levelReportsState and federal antitrust laws.
HTMLPDF 69.50.540Appropriations.
HTMLPDF 69.50.550Cost-benefit evaluations.
HTMLPDF 69.50.555Taxes, fees, assessments, chargesCommercial activities covered by cannabis agreement between state and tribe.
HTMLPDF 69.50.560Controlled purchase programsPersons under age twenty-oneViolationCriminal penaltyExceptions.
HTMLPDF 69.50.561Advice and consultation servicesLicensed cannabis businesses.
HTMLPDF 69.50.562Licensed cannabis businessesWritten warningsWaiver of sanctions with no relationship to public safetyCompliance programPenaltiesRules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.563Licensed cannabis businessesCivil penaltyRules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.564Licensed cannabis businessesSettlement agreement.
HTMLPDF 69.50.565Unpaid trust fund taxesLimited liability business entitiesLiability of responsible individualsAdministrative hearing.
HTMLPDF 69.50.570Bundled transactionsRetail salesSubject to taxException.
HTMLPDF 69.50.575Cannabis health and beauty aids.
HTMLPDF 69.50.580Applicants for cannabis producer's, processor's, researcher's, or retailer's licensesSignagePublic notice requirements.
HTMLPDF 69.50.585Branded promotional itemsNominal valuePersonal services.
HTMLPDF 69.50.587Cannabis science task force reportsBoard rules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.601Pending proceedings.
HTMLPDF 69.50.602Continuation of rules.
HTMLPDF 69.50.603Uniformity of interpretation.
HTMLPDF 69.50.604Short title.
HTMLPDF 69.50.611State preemption.
HTMLPDF 69.50.612State preemptionDrug paraphernalia.
HTMLPDF 69.50.700Expedited rule making.
HTMLPDF 69.50.710Federal law"Marijuana" to refer to "cannabis."


Drug nuisancesInjunctions: Chapter 7.43 RCW.